calvita for birds in peckish complete

Why is CalVita® an Important Ingredient in Bird Food

CalVita®, which is unique to Peckish, is a specially developed supplement that gives birds vitamins and also minerals that are essential to their development.

Peckish wild bird food is formulated to be high in energy. This provides the birds with enough calories to meet the high demands of their bodies. Peckish bird food also contains straight seeds and nuts as well as a unique supplement; CalVita®. It helps wild garden birds in several key areas. Here are some examples:

To Supplement Naturally Available Foods


Birds are incredibly active. They spend a significant proportion of daylight hours foraging and searching for food. If natural food sources are low, there is a potential for birds to become malnourished. The Peckish range of wild bird food, together with CalVita® supplement, helps to keep wild birds strong and healthy.

Peckish Complete

Calcium for Eggs and Bones


It’s important that wild birds receive the right amount of calcium in order for them to stay strong and have healthy bones, but also in order to produce healthy eggs. Birds egg shells are made almost entirely from calcium, this means that calcium is an essential requirement for reproductive success.



CalVita® is so important as it also contains a variety of vitamins and biotin to help maintain healthy beaks, feathers, and for their general well-being.