Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 'No Grow' and 'No Mess' seed mixes?

The No Mess Mix has been designed so that all the husks have been removed from all the seed and is therefore 100% edible by the birds, although birds are naturally curious and messy creatures, they will still throw out the seed that they don’t want to eat at that time. The No Grow Mix means that seeds have been kibbled or flaked to prevent them from germinating.

What are you doing to make your packaging more recyclable?

Please be assured that we are constantly looking into how we can improve our packaging with regards to recycling and the use of recyclable materials within our products and packaging.

Peckish Natural Balance,  Complete and No Grow bird food products are now being manufactured with 100% recyclable packaging - either in cardboard boxes or kerbside recyclable paper packaging.

We will be looking into introducing more plastic reduction measures in the future, however these changes will take some time as we want to get it right.  It is a challenge we accept and are currently working with our suppliers to implement these changes.

Why are the birds in my garden not eating?

When feeding wild birds, it's important to remember that you're supplementing their natural diet and consumption will be affected by the availability of local food sources, and the variety of species in the area. The time it takes to become accustomed to new food or feeder can vary enormously, birds can take from a few minutes to some weeks to become accustomed to something new as they are creatures of habit and generally stick to what they know.

Birds are naturally very wary creatures and will be very cautious approaching a new feeder or food. They will automatically return to a feeder they are used to because it's where they know they can get food. For a start they may just fly past it, getting used to it being there in the process.

They should eventually approach it and once one bird is seen feeding from it the rest will follow.  This can take a few weeks so please be patient and give the feeder a little longer. This can also be the same when switching to a different seed mix. We'd advise that you temporarily remove any other feeders nearby to limit their choice and should encourage them to try the new – you can then gradually re-introduce them.

Why have the birds disappeared from my garden?

One of the reason birds can disappear from your garden is that a predator has moved into the vicinity. A sparrow hawk may have taken up nearby residence or cats may have become more active in the neighbourhood. Birds need to feel safe, so if they think that they will be attacked in your garden they will move away.   Sometimes, positioning the feeder somewhere different and leaving it alone again could encourage the birds back.

What to do if my filled feeder gets clogged with water?

Our pre-filled feeders belong within our budget range and don’t have the features of other feeders. When used in unsheltered areas or in particularly inclement weather they may take on moisture. We would recommend using these in sheltered areas or removing any seed blockages if the weather has been wet.

What to do if my feeder gets clogged up?

We would always advise regular cleaning of any of our feeders, particularly at this time of year when they're likely to be more exposed to the elements. This will help to reduce the spread of any bacteria/diseases, and will also ensure food is fresh. When used in unsheltered areas or in particularly inclement weather, feeders may take on moisture. We therefore recommend using these in sheltered areas or removing any seed blockages if the weather has been wet.

Why is my Squirrel Proof feeder not stopping the squirrels?

Our Squirrel Proof feeders can only protect against adult grey squirrels and large adult birds, which do the most damage. There is always a chance that an adolescent young squirrel could squeeze into the bars and access the feeder. Young squirrels look very similar to adults but are far fluffier making them more flexible. You may also find that adolescent jackdaws, crows and pigeons may find their way in, being smaller in size. The bars on these feeders cannot be made smaller to protect from adolescent or red squirrels as this would pose a risk to the birds.

Our advice for squirrel feeders is to use the 5-7-9 rule, where possible. Generally, squirrels can’t jump more than 5 feet up from the ground, more than 7 feet across from a tree or building and are reluctant to drop more than 9 feet onto a feeder from above. Place your feeder station with these numbers in mind to deter a large majority of squirrels.


What is beef tallow in the energy balls?


Beef tallow is rendered down beef fat. It's high in calories and is a great source of energy for the birds. Beef tallow has been used in wild bird food for many years and has been tried and tested. ​It's important to remember that when feeding wild birds, the food we put out is classed as supplementary and will only top up the birds natural diet.

How do I know if your peanuts are of a good quality?

Please be assured all our peanuts are tested for aflatoxin before coming in to the country (they wouldn't be allowed past port if they didn't have an aflatoxin cert) and as a matter of due diligence we send 1 in every 10 loads for aflatoxin testing too.