baby birds in nest

Reading the Signs of Birds Nesting

It is that time of the year where garden birds take centre stage in the garden, it's nesting season! There are many signs to look out for to know whether a bird is nesting around you, including the bird songs to listen out for and the bird activity in site. If there is a lot of bird activity around your home and garden you could have a bird nest close by.


What to look out for?


You may notice a flurry of movement and chirping around certain areas of your garden. This is a good sign that birds are scouting for potential nesting spots. Watch their behaviours, are they flying back and fourth with twigs, leaves or grass in their beaks? This is a positive sign that they are building a nest.


Different species have specific preferences when it comes to a cosy nest. These nests could be in trees, hedges, shrubs or even on your porch or gutter. They will also be specific with the materials they gather. Some will gather feathers, soft grass or even bits of string while others will use twigs and sticks.


bird eggs in nest in tree


During the nesting season, bird songs take on a whole new meaning. If you hear a lot of chirping, trilling or other melodious noises, it is likely that nesting birds are nearby. You can sometimes follow the sound of their songs to guide you to their nests.


You may also see birds carrying insects or other food, flying back and fourth, this might indicate that chicks have hatched.


Observing birds nesting in your garden is a privilege, let the signs guide you. It is good to remember birds can be very protective of their nests, especially when they have young chicks. So as you enjoy this rewarding past time, remember to respect their nesting areas and do not disturb them.