Robin on tree branch in freeze

Why Freezing Means Feeding Wild Birds

As the colder months settle in, it is a challenging time for wild birds. The drop in temperature and short supply of natural food sources can pose threat to the survival of our wild birds. Feeding birds during winter has become an increasingly popular and essential practice and we at Peckish are here to support nature and provide high quality, high energy bird food to the wild birds that visit our gardens.


Scarce natural food sources


During winter, many natural food sources for wild birds become scarce. Trees and bushes may shed their leaves, and the ground can be frozen or covered in snow, making it challenging for birds to find insects, berries and seeds. Providing a reliable food source can help ensure that birds have enough energy to survive the cold. Peckish Winter Warmer Seed Mix is packed with 9 different ingredients, containing 20% oil for that essential winter energy.



blue tit



Energy for survival


Birds have high metabolic rates meaning they need plenty of energy to maintain their body temperature and stay active. Feeding birds with high-energy foods such as sunflower seeds, suet, and peanuts helps them maintain their strength, which is crucial for surviving during the freezing months. Birds that are well-nourished are better equipped to endure cold, harsh temperatures.


Preventing starvation


Birds can struggle to find enough to eat which can lead to malnutrition and starvation, resulting in birds that may not survive the winter. Feeding them with high energy wild bird food can prevent this. Put out feeding stations and bird tables to provide multiple food sources. These are also a safe haven for birds to feed away from any predators.



Feeding ahead of nesting season


Providing food during winter will help bird's abilities to breed successfully the following spring. Well-fed birds enter the breeding season in better physical condition, leading to healthier offspring and a higher chance of survival for their young. By supporting wild birds during the winter, you indirectly contribute to the long-term health of their populations.


Freezing simply means feeding, benefit both the birds and the people who enjoy their presence in the garden ensuring the continued beauty and diversity of our wild bird population.