chicks in nest

From Hatching to First Flight

Ever thought about the journey of a fledgling hatching to their first flight? As spring arrives so does the wild bird nesting season! 


Nesting season typically begins in early spring, as birds across the UK prepare their nests and lay their eggs. Each bird has their own nesting habits, some like to nest high in trees whilst other like to nest in locations closer to the ground. 


Regardless of their chosen nests, parent birds devote themselves to the task of incubating their eggs, carefully regulating temperature and humidity to ensure their offspring's arrival. As the days pass, the eggs gradually hatch, revealing tiny, helpless chicks that are entirely dependent on their parents for food, warmth, and protection. The first few days are hard for the parents, with a constant supply of insects, seeds, and other nourishment to fuel their rapid growth.


As the chicks grow stronger and more feathered, their instinctual urge to explore intensifies. They've been snuggled up in their cozy nests for weeks, chirping away and stuffing their beaks with tasty treats brought to them by their tireless parents. And now, they are ready to test the skies! Parents watch their young as they venture out of the nest, testing their wings and building strength needed for their first flight. You might think they are delicate however they practise their flying skills for weeks in advance. Flapping their wings and building up their strength. 


Finally, the moment arrives when the young birds take to the air for the first time, launching themselves clumsily from the safety of the nest into the sky. With each beat of their wings, they gain confidence and skill, soaring higher and farther with each passing day. From here they transition from helpless chicks to independent, self-sufficient birds.


As the summer unfolds, the air is filled with the sights and sounds of young birds mastering the intricacies of flight. The journey of a fledging from hatching to first flight offers a glimpse into the wonder and resilience of nature. From the dedication of parent birds, the drive of the young chicks and the boundless possibilities that unfold with each beat of their wings.