Peckish Mealworms


Peckish Mealworms are a favourite for many garden birds. Being 100% natural, making them the closest food to a bird's natural diet. Whether scattered on bird tables, placed in feeders, or laid out on ground feeding trays, Peckish Mealworms offer versatile feeding options to attract a diverse array of wild birds to your garden.


Mealworms are high in energy and protein, essential for supporting birds' growth and development year round. Whether it's during the chilly winter months or the bustling activity of spring and summer, these mealworms serve as a nourishing treat that will keep your garden guests coming back for more.


Feeding Tip:
  • Soak mealworms in water to re-hydrate them and make them easier to feed young birds.


Use With:

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All Year Round
High Energy Food
Product Highlights
Preferred by birds that eat insects
Popular for attracting Robins
High protein
Product Specification:
SKU: 60052099, 60052102, 60052103
Pack Sizes:
175g, 500g, 1kg
Tips & Advice:
How To Use
To use in bird feeders, simply pour or scoop into a seed feeder or specialist mealworm feeder. Place feeders in a safe place to retreat. Mealworms are also suitable on bird tables, or in a ground feeder away from pets or pests.
Feeding Tips
With food resources scarce now, it is essential to feed garden birds all year round. Put out food at the start of the day to ensure that birds can replace the energy they have lost overnight. Locate feeders near cover, so that the birds have a safe place to retreat to that is away from predators. Always provide fresh, clean water.
Storage & Hygiene
Always ensure wild birds have plenty of fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing. Clean feeding and drinking areas regularly with a mild disinfectant. Keep food fresh and dry, removing any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases. Not suitable for human consumption. May contain nuts. Keep packaging away from children to avoid suffocation. Store in a cool dry place away from pets or pests. Best used within 3 months of opening.

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