benefits of feeding wild birds

The Benefits of Feeding Wild Birds

Watching the birds in your garden is a great joy for many of us. By regularly feeding garden birds you’re sure to encourage regular visitors. And creating an optimal feeding environment and experience is key to having these wonderful visitors.

There are so many benefits of bird feeding. From the company they give us, to education, insect and weed control as well as pollination and photography. You can also feel good about feeding our garden birds by replacing their food sources that have been destroyed by housing development, or seasonal weather problems where their natural food sources aren’t available.

It's also a good idea to keep your bird baths filled too for both drinking and bathing.

Feed more, see more!

Although wild birds will naturally visit most gardens, by adding feeders, or feeding stations with different food varieties you can attract a variety of species too. Regular feeding will ensure they come back time and time again to feed.

Different species of birds prefer different foods based on taste and texture. Smaller birds might not be able to crack large, shelled nuts, so you’ll need to give them husked varieties. Whereas Robins enjoy mealworms for protein. And if you want to attract specific varieties of birds into you garden here’s a simple list of what you could feed them…




For seeds, sunflower hearts and mealworms use our Peckish Everyday Seed Feeder or Peckish Secret Garden Seed Feeder.


Place energy balls in our Peckish Everyday Energy Ball Feeder or our pre-Peckish Secret Garden Energy Ball Feeder.


blackbird on branch


Tits (any member of the tit family)

blue tit on log
  • Peckish Complete Seed Mix is packed with 12 different seed varieties and full of nutrition. There is no mess with Complete as all the husks have been removed. It’s also great for all year round feeding. Peckish Complete Seed Mix contains our Calvita® Vitamin Pellet, a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to help garden birds stay healthy.

Peckish Complete will in fact attract the UK’s top ten garden birds including all Tit varieties.

What’s more, you can feel good about feeding the birds with Peckish Complete as our packaging is 100% recyclable.

This no mess mix with added fruit, nuts and insects is a high energy blend of seed. It also has added Calvita® to help keep our birds healthy.


gold finch on branch

House Sparrows

house sparrow


bull finches on branch

Song Thrushes

song thrush

Make the most of your feeding

Clean and sterilise bird feeders regularly to avoid spreading diseases among the birds. Always be sure feeders are in good repair.

Choose different bird feeder designs to accommodate birds' feeding preferences as above and take steps to accustom birds to each new feeder you introduce.

You can also take additional steps to create bird-friendly landscaping and protect garden birds from cats and other predators so they will feel welcome and secure in your garden.

Use baffles and other means to protect your feeders from non-bird guests, including squirrels, raccoons, mice, bears, and other wildlife.