What to feed the birds

What to feed the birds

It is important to provide birds with food and essential energy they require to stay healthy throughout the year. There are many foods available, including natural sources as well as packaged bird feeds to attract many different species of birds to your garden. However, it is important to know which foods are not only suitable but also provide them with the best source of energy!


Seeds and Grains


Seeds are one of the most nutritious sources of food for wild birds. Different seeds will attract different birds so it is important to look at what is included in a bird seed mix. Millet, which is a small seed attracts house sparrows, finches and dunnocks. Kibbled Maize attracts tits, blackbirds and greenfinches and oatmeal is great for attracting many different bird species.


Peckish have a great selection of bird seed mixes that include many different types of seed and grains. Our Peckish Complete Seed Mix is a 12 seed blend proven to attract many birds. A great mix for all year round feeding and suitable for first time feeders. Peckish also have a range of speciality mixes suitable for particular seasons or attracting specific birds. The ingredients in these mixes are carefully selected.


Goldfinches on bird feeder eating sunflower hearts


No mess, husk free


No mess, husk free means that seed husks have been removed from the seed making the seed 100% edible. Some birds are not adapted to remove husks from seeds whilst others simply save energy by not having to remove them. You will attract a wider range of birds with a no mess, husk free seed mix like Peckish Complete Seed Mix or Peckish No Grow Seed Mix



High Protein 


High protein food is important for birds, especially during the colder months when natural food sources are low. Birds need to store their energy during these months. Seeds like sunflower seeds as well as nuts such as peanuts are high in protein. Peckish's Natural Balance Seed Mix is enriched with sunflower seeds, a great seed mix for birds with ingredients locally sourced from UK and Irish Farms reducing on food miles. Peckish Winter Warmer is packed with high energy and fat content as well as our CALVITA® Vitamin Pellets. Containing 20% oil for that essential winter energy.




Suet is a type of beef fat that has a high fat content suitable for use in bird food. Many bird treats are made from suet as well as other ingredients including peanuts, dried insects and fruit. Suet high energy, beneficial to birds during the colder, winter months.

Peckish's range of suet treats are perfect for feeding in winter and during the breeding season. We offer small soft suet treats suitable for young birds as well as a range of suet cakes.


Peckish Complete Suet Cake crumbled




Insects are a bird's favourite and a natural food source! Dried mealworms are appealing to birds and suitable to use throughout the year. Robin's are drawn to these and Peckish's Robin Insect Seed Mix includes these in the mix. Wild birds also love earthworms, beetles, caterpillars and more.


Robin eating earthworm

Photo by Neal Smith




Berries are another natural, valuable food source for birds, containing essential vitamins and nutrients. There are benefits to birds eating berries so that trees and shrubs can continue to grow. Plants such as holly and blackthorn provide berries all year round.