first and last frost dates

When are the first & last frost dates in your area?

When the weather drops below zero, it becomes even more important for you to feed your garden birds on a daily basis. Throughout the UK, the first and last frost date can vary hugely, so take a look below for an idea of when you can expect the freezing weather to start and end. 


The first frost date refers to the average first date that the temperature drops below 0°C and the last frost date is the average last day that the temperature drops below 0°C. 


What to feed birds during cold weather?


During the freezing weather, opt for a bird seed mix that is high in fat to provide the birds with the highest amount of energy possible. Our Peckish Winter Warmer Seed Mix & Peckish Winter Warmer Suet Cake are fantastic options for the colder months. 



Why is feeding the birds during winter so important? Learn more here.


First Frost Dates


Aberdeen: 21st - 30th November

Aberystwyth: 21st - 30th November

Barnsley: 1st - 10th December

Basingstoke: 11th - 20th November

Belfast: 11th - 20th December

Birmingham: 21st - 30th November

Bournemouth: 1st - 10th November

Bristol: 21st - 31st December

Cambridge: 11th - 20th December

Cardiff: 1st - 10th January

Derby: 21st - 30th November

Derry: 21st - 31st December

Dublin: 21st - 30th November

Dundee: 1st - 10th December

Edinburgh: 21st  31st October

Exeter: 1st - 10th December

Falmouth: Frost rare

Glasgow: 11th - 20th December

Gloucester: 11th - 20th December

Harrogate: 21st - 30th November

Hull: 11th - 20th November

Inverness: 21st - 30th November

Leeds: 21st - 30th November

Liverpool: 1st - 10th December

London: Frost rare

Manchester: 21st - 31st December

Newcastle: 11th - 20th December

Norwich: 11th - 20th December

Nottingham: 21st - 30th November

Oxford: 21st - 30th November

Peterborough: 1st - 10th December

Plymouth: 21st - 31st December

Sheffield: 1st - 10th December

Southampton: 21st - 30th November

Swansea: Frost rare

Weymouth: 1st - 1th January

Wolverhampton: 21st - 30th November

York: 11th - 20th November


Last Frost Dates


Aberdeen: 1st-10th May

Aberystwyth: 11th-20th May

Barnsley: 11th-20th May

Basingstoke: 1st-10th May

Belfast: 1st-10th April

Birmingham: 21st - 30th April

Bournemouth: 11th - 20th April

Bristol: 11th - 20th March

Cambridge: 11th - 20th April

Cardiff: 11th - 20th March

Derby: 1st - 10th May

Derry: 21st - 31st March

Dublin: 1st May - 10th May

Dundee: 1st - 10th April

Edinburgh: 1st - 10th May

Exeter: 1st - 10th May

Falmouth: 21st - 31st March

Glasgow: 1st - 10th April

Gloucester: 11th - 20th March

Harrogate: 21st - 30th April

Hull: 21st - 30th April

Inverness: 21st - 30th April

Leeds: 21st - 30th April

Liverpool: 21st - 30th April

London: 11th - 21st March

Manchester: 1st - 10th April

Newcastle: 21st - 30th April

Norwich: 1st - 10th April

Nottingham: 1st - 10th May

Oxford: 21st - 30th April

Peterborough: 21st - 30th April

Plymouth: 21st - 31st March

Sheffield: 21st - 30th April

Southampton: 11th - 21st April

Swansea: 21st - 31st March

Weymouth: 11th - 21st March

Wolverhampton: 1st - 10th May

York: 1st - 10th May