Winging It through Winter: Your Go-To Bird Food Guide

Winging It through Winter: Your Go-To Bird Food Guide

As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, natural food sources become hard to find for our wild birds. Winter is a challenging time and birds need high energy food to help them survive. Our guide recommends the very best food to put out for birds to ensure they have a nutritious, healthy diet.


High Energy Seeds


Sunflower hearts are a staple in winter. They are packed with essential nutrients and provides a high-energy food source that helps birds maintain their body heat in the cold.


Our No.1 seed mix, Peckish Complete is packed with 14 different ingredients including 12 seeds one of which is sunflower hearts. Each seed has been specifically chosen to attract a wide variety of birds. More seeds simply means more birds! Our seeds are sustainably sourced and all husks have been removed making a 100% edible mix. The mix also includes our unique CALVITA® vitamin pellet which was specially developed to give birds a boost in vitamins and minerals that are essential to their development.


Our Winter Warmer Seed Mix is another great seed mix to use during the colder seasons with extra energy and high fat content. The mix also includes CALVITA® which is an important vitamin pellet to help maintain healthy beaks, feathers and for their general well being.



Why not bring the nation's favourite bird into your garden this winter with our Robin Insect Seed Mix, a mix blended with a Robin's favourite ingredients. All ingredients are soft and small and also ideal for smaller birds to feed in.




Suet is a high-fat, high-calorie food that is particularly beneficial to wild birds in winter. Peckish have created many suet treats that can be used in feeders and bird tables or even hung directly in trees. Suet provides vital energy which birds require to keep them warm. 


Energy balls, also known as fat balls, are made up of a mixture of fats, seeds, nuts and other nutritious ingredients. Within the Peckish Extra Goodness range are our energy balls, packed with sunflower seeds and peanuts. The added peanut aroma is bound to attract the birds! What sets our suet balls apart is that they do not contain extra added wheat to bulk up the product and no calcium carbonate as a filler making these our very best energy balls. Designed to feed birds with only the best nutrition without unnecessary additives.




Our Suet Cake range is also a perfect food source rich in fats and protein. They are easy to digest and can be placed on bird tables or within a specialist suet cake feeder. If you are keen to deter squirrels from eating the bird food you put out why not try our Peckish Squirrel Proof Suet Cake. Its hot pepper flavouring will stop the squirrels in no time with their greater taste sensitivity. 





Peanuts are a great source of protein and fat, making them an excellent winter food for birds. Ensure the peanuts you provide are free from salt and other additives that can be harmful to birds. Use a mesh feeder to prevent larger birds from taking whole peanuts at once as this can be dangerous. Or Peckish have a pre filled feeder that is ready for you to hang instantly which you can always clean and refill!





Mealworms are an excellent source of protein, making them a preferred choice for insect-eating birds such as bluebirds, robins, and wrens. You can offer live, freeze-dried, or roasted mealworms in specialised feeders.


Mealworms on ground feeding tray 


Feeding wild birds during the winter not only provides essential nourishment for them but also offers bird enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy their presence year-round. By offering a wide range of food, you can attract a variety of species to your garden and create a winter wonderland for birds. Remember to maintain your feeders, keep the food dry and clean, and monitor the bird activity in your area to make any necessary adjustments to your feeding routine. With the right care and attention, you'll be helping our wild birds weather the cold months successfully.