Leave your hedge trimmings from March to July, watch the wild birds nest and thrive...

Leave your hedge trimmings from March to July, watch the birds nest and thrive...

What is the Peckish Hedge Pledge?

What is the Peckish

Hedge Pledge?

The Peckish Hedge Pledge is a pledge to hold off trimming your hedge from March until the end of July, so put down your cutting tools and join us to help the wild birds in our gardens. By doing nothing, you really are doing everything.


Wild birds use the hedges in our gardens to nest during the nesting season. A hedge left alone will provide shelter to nesting birds, using the space to hide from predators and move more freely between gardens through the hedges. Birds can also benefit from natural sources of food from hedges.

Which hedges do

birds nest in

One often overlooked but important nesting site for wild birds is hedges. Preserving and managing hedgerows will help maintain a healthy bird population. Hedges provide protection, shelter and resources for wild birds, but which hedges do they nest in?

Which Birds

Nest in the UK

The UK is home to a variety of bird species that build their nests in various different habitats. Some will choose to nest in trees and hedges while others will prefer to nest on the ground or in buildings.

Reading the signs

of birds nesting

It is that time of the year where garden birds take centre stage in the garden, it's nesting season! There are many signs to look out for to know whether a bird is nesting around you, including the bird songs to listen out for and the bird activity in site.

From hatching

to first flight

Ever thought about the journey of a fledgling hatching to their first flight? As spring arrives so does the wild bird nesting season! Nesting season typically begins in early spring, as birds across the UK prepare their nests and lay their eggs.

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When can I trim my hedge?

When can I trim

my hedge?

You may trim your hedge at any time of the year, however try and avoid trimming between March and July as birds like to use hedges as safe nesting areas. The best time to trim your hedge is during the winter months (Nov-Jan), that way you will avoid disturbing any birds but it is a good idea to still check for any active nests before trimming. Some wild birds nest later in the season including Dunnocks and Finches.


There are added benefits to leaving your hedge including attracting more wildlife to your garden especially if it is a fruiting or flowering hedge as well as environmental benefits.