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How to Care for Birds in Spring

Wild birds are a welcome sight in our gardens throughout the year, and during the springtime, you'll notice a hive of new activity as the breeding season begins. Our resident garden birds are busy singing in order to proclaim a territory and find a mate, and they need plenty of support to ensure success. Read on to find out about caring for the birds in spring.

Looking after chicks

During the breeding season, birds need a plentiful source of calcium to produce the shells for their eggs, but they're unable to store the amount of calcium they need in their bodies to make them.

Our range of Peckish bird food contains Calvita, a supplement which contains all the vitamins and minerals birds need to be fit and healthy. This includes calcium for strong eggshells, bone and feather growth and the formation of strong beaks in chicks. To find out more about Calvita, read our guide.

If you're in a hurry, our Peckish Complete Seed Mix Filled Feeder is a quick and easy way of feeding the birds. This feeder has been pre-filled with our premium Peckish Complete Seed Mix. Simply unwrap and hang on a tree!

You could choose a food that’s high in protein and energy which will support the whole family.

peckish complete filled feeder hanging


By filling your bird feeders with a high-quality seed mix that's been specially formulated for adults and chicks, you'll be able to sit back and watch the spectacular display in your garden.

Bugs, grubs and insects

It's also a good idea to give garden birds some treats.
Birds eat an incredible amount of garden insects and are a great help to gardener’s who want to keep them under control. In the nesting season, most birds need an accessible and plentiful supply of insects to support the nest bound parents and the developing chicks.

Supplement their diet with an insect-rich bird food such as Peckish Mealworms. Soak the mealworms in warm water before adding to the bird table so that the birds also absorb moisture as they feed. The soft mealworms make excellent protein-rich food for growing birds and are a nutritious treat for nursing adults.


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Check out our Peckish Mealworm Filled Feeder



mealworms feeder

Mealworms are also a welcome meal for hard-pushed adults foraging for food and will attract a range of wild birds to your garden.